• North Vancouver is home to a lot of Persian places
  • North Vancouver is home to a lot of Persian places. This one is a bit off the normal cluster near Lonsdale, and instead down off Marine Drive. It also is more of a fast food style (order at the counter subway style) type place instead of a sitdown restaurant. Persian fast food, if you like.

    I ordered the large koobideh on sangak for a very reasonable $6.99. It is also available in a smaller version (one skewer and one tomato instead of two of each) for an extremely reasonable $4.99. After ordering they fired up the skewers and tomatoes on the grill and prepared them fresh. Nice. When they were done cooking they removed them from the skewers using a nice piece of very fresh sangak (I think I saw them baking sangak in the back industrial sized kitchen as well!), add some fresh basil leaves, and a chunk of raw onion to make a very nice overall plate: http://www.yelp.ca/biz_p…

    The koobideh was well seasoned and cooked perfectly so it was very juicy, the tomatoes had a nice char with the tender soft insides, and the ton of fresh basil added a nice flavour dimension. Wrapping a piece of the koobideh in a ripped off piece of sangak with some basil and a little bit of onion was such at treat!

    Why couldn’t all fast food be like this?

    I’ll definitely be back. Marc D.
    Vancouver, BC

  • shawarmas seeming to be taking the wind
  • With shawarmas seeming to be taking the wind from the donair sail lately its great to find a traditional donair shop with good eats at good prices. pretty standard setup with the usual fixings and options. i had a chicken donair and thought it was one of the better wraps ive had around town. recommend it highly. Andrew S. Vancouver, BC

  • Get the fries with garlic sauce
  • Get the fries with garlic sauce. SERIOUSLY DO IT, DO IT NOWWWWW.

    What more can you ask, delicious donair, probably the most addictive fries ever and late hours!

    This place is 2 blocks from my workplace so I’ve gone a few times and have yet to be disappointed. A great option for an inexpensive lunch or after drunk snack! Jessica L.
    North Vancouver, BC

  • I’m eating my chicken Donair as we speak!
  • mmmm I’m eating my chicken Donair as we speak!. This is my second time there and it’s been good both times. Tried both the Beef and Chicken donair …delicious!

    Prices are $4.99 beef donair and $5.99 for a chicken donair with lots of delicious fixings (Onion, Tomato, Lettuce, Cucumber, Hot sauce and a garlic sauce)

    Great new North Van establishment. I hope to frequent there often! Jennifer B. North Vancouver, BC

  • great chicken donair
  • Had a great chicken donair here, juicy and huge for the price. They gave me a pita and a little cup of hummus for my 3-year-old and he tore into it happily. We took the leftover hummus home it was so fresh. Definitely will come again. Erin M. Vancouver, BC

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