About Us

Yummy Donair and Kebab Restaurant is an independent restaurants in the very heart of North Vancouver; Farshid and mars are the proud owners, they have a very traditional approach to managing their restaurant and hand picks fresh ingredients to create truly amazing dishes. They’re often at the local markets early in the mornings selecting only he very best for their restaurant and even bake their own Persian flat bread “sangak” on the premises.

Yummy Donair and Kebab aim to bring our customers freshly prepared Donair and Kebab dishes, our portions are large and our prices are reasonable; what more could you want! Taking the freshest produce available we create incredible freshly wrapped Donairs and Middle Eastern dishes. Alongside our meat and chicken the choice is wide but carefully chosen to present authentic Donairs and Kebabs. Take a look at our menus on this site. There are also specials to choose from.

In short, we’re passionate about what we do. We love what we do and we want others to share our enthusiasm. We want you to come and have a great eating out experience. It really is as simple as that. So now we’ve told you what Yummy Donair and Kebab Restaurant is all about, why not head down and find out for yourself.

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We Serve Donairs & Kebabs Using Our Exclusive Delicious Recipes.